Monday, December 8, 2008

Praying as a family for others...

I was emailing with my friend, Susan in IL, last week and realized we have a similar tradition in our families. This made it seem like an idea worth sharing! :)

Each December as we receive Christmas cards, we take the photo out and post in onto a bulletin board. The bulletin board full of photos of family and friends from around the country becomes a source of joy in our dining area- and also- becomes a springboard into prayer. We try to use the pictures as a prompt to pray, one picture at a time, for those we love at dinnertime. I wish we did it every single night- we don't-not really even close- but we are so blessed when we do! It is hard to take the pictures down when the new pics start coming- but we eagerly await the new ones- and this is renewing our desire to get prayin'! So, maybe you'll post your pics on your fridge, like Susan, or fill a cork board, like me--- or come up with a display all your own- but I hope your family finds the joy of regularly praying for others, as we have.

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Heidi Lou said...

Great idea! I had forgotten about the bulletin boards I bought last year for that purpose. It's a great reminder. (Clearly, this fridge photo is not yours...with the Hillary bumper sticker and all, right:)? hugs, heidi

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