Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fail to Plan...

...plan to fail.

We've all heard that before right? However, we too often make the mistake of not making plans and goals when it comes to discipling our children in their relationship with our Lord. Spend some dedicated time in prayer with the Lord talking about how you'd like to see your children's relationship with Him established and growing. Then, if you can, spend some dedicated time in prayer with your spouse as well. Come up with a few long-term goals together and some short-term action steps to meet those goals. For example:

Long Term Goal: The children should have a daily quiet time of prayer and reading and applying God's Word independently. Short-term Action step: Read from the children's Bible with each child at a set time (morning or evening) each day, helping them apply the truths and then pray with them.

1. Be realistic in your goals and your action steps.
2. Don't start too big! You don't want to be overwhelmed and give up.
3. Work on one action step at a time- and turn it into a habit, then add another.
4. Work towards and support these goals as a team (you and your spouse- and single parents- you and your partner, the Lord)

Blessings as you fulfill the Great Commission... right in YOUR home!
~Katherine Clark

© 2008 Katherine Clark

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