Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two more ideas...

Two more ideas/updates from that last post about prevention, bibs, and GT and the Halo Express. 1st, since that post, at the suggestion of a dear friend, I ordered a Bumpkins bib- with long sleeves and a catch-all pocket- and wondered how I've (almost) been through the highchair phase 4 times without it. Wow- worth all $17! Really! Secondly- if your kids think mp3's and iPods are cool- get them a little one and load it up with Scripture songs like GT and the Halo Express! My girls got little mp3 players as a gift- and we loaded 'em up with praise songs and GT's and they just love it! (And I love what's going into their minds and hearts!)

Not earth-shattering- I know. But, helpful, I hope!

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