Thursday, October 2, 2008

What ARE your discipling goals?

I was remiss this afternoon in asking you to please comment with one goal you currently have in discipling your children. If you can, put the goal as the first words of your comment- like a title or subject of your comment- then others will be able to look over them on the blog in more of a list form and click to read more. I'm sure there's not a LOT of traffic here- and maybe the idea of discipleship is new to you. Simply put, discipleship is the process of making disciples or followers of Jesus Christ- it's the "teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you" part of the Great Commission- the often overlooked portion. I can't wait to be spurred on by reading your goals!
Blessings of Christ,


Steve said...

I found your website by the "next blog" function. Nice blog! With my kids, my goal is for them not to repeat the poor behaviour. I think this can be done by explaining WHY. What God says, and WHY it could lead to negative consequences in the short and long term. Easier said than done ... I'm still teaching myself!

Katherine said...

Steve- glad you found it- and thanks for leaving a comment, too! I totally agree about explaining the "whys". Just saying no, no, no doesn't change the heart (prob. doesn't really change behavior either!). In Growing Kids God's Way (see the post on that)- they teach explaining the moral reason for everything we do. It's a challenge- but I think really critical for helping them internalize a true reason that can be applied to later circumstances.
blessings to you and your family!

Heidi Lew said...

To know the God of Abraham...that's our primary teach them the attributes of the TRUE God so they readily know who they are worshipping. (Everybody's worshiping something...) We want them to see the huge difference between the true God, Yahweh, and the gods of this world or the idols of man. We want them to know many other things, too! But this seems to be our number one goal for now.

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