Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Growing Kids God's Way

I know from discussing Babywise with people over the last 8 years that this curriculum in its secular and Christian(original) form is controversial. However, sometimes we know we're on the right track when the world persecutes us. I think this curriuculum is a good example of this principle. We used Babywise (and Babywise II and Childwise, too) with our children. I also purchased many Growing Kids God's Way tapes on Ebay and have listened to them in the last couple of years. Now, we have the privilege of taking a Growing Kids God's Way course at our church. What a blessing!!! This is truly a godly course! If you are interested in passing your faith onto your children, having a good relationship with your children as they grow up, and raising responsible, productive children, this course is for you. Here's the homepage for Growing Families International- the parent ministry. Whether you are just planning to have children soon, or have a quiver-full already like us, I recommend that you find a church in your area offering this course- or at least- get some tapes and a workbook to enhance your parenting. In this course you will learn why your marriage is important to your children, how to move behavior "why's" from rules to obey to moral reasons that will stick and shape their hearts to love others, as well as MANY practical applications for everyday parenting.

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Anna said...

Thanks Katherine. These are great baby shower gift ideas!!!

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